Monday, 7 March 2011


Woman's Hour Party details here, RSVP on facebook or contact us, as space is limited

Working on my night cheese

1 You Ain't Got Nuthin', 1959, reissued on The Glory Road, 2005 by Fern Jones
2 Il Faut Trouver Un Coin De Ciel, 1966 from Il y a Deux Filles en Moi by Sylvie Vartan
3 You Just Gotta Know My Mind, 1967 from Foolish Seasons by Dana Gillespie
4 There's No Blood in Bone, 1969 from Which Way You Goin' Billy? by The Poppy Family
5 Casual Diamond, 2011 by Sleep ∞ Over
6 The Waves, 2010 from The Waves by Tamaryn
7 Gol Bi Goldoon, 1971 by Googoosh
8 Girls It Ain't Easy, 1969 from Take Me With You by Honey Cone
9 The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game, 1967 from The Marvelettes by The Marvelettes
10 The Boy From Chelsea, 1967 by Truly Smith
11 Are You Lonesome Like Me?, 1969 from Livin' Love by The Feminine Complex
12 Floating, 1971 by Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band
13 Huriyet, 2004 from Turn by The Ex
14 Of My Hands, 1970's from Shake A Hand by The Goretti Group & Dennis De Souza Trio
15 Travellers Two, 2008 from Travellers Two by Tau Emerald
16 Island Best, 2009 from Ocean Woman by Stellar Om Source

Woman's Hour Party

This Friday we will be playing records at the Royal Academy Schools bar 7-11pm. Joining us will be Roxanne Clifford of "Veronica Falls" and Helen Barrass of Warp Records!
Come before you go out or before you retire home for a cup of tea.