Saturday, 8 January 2011

Three Doris', a Christine and a Claude

1 Binary Love, 1984 from Personal Computer by Doris Norton
2 Pajama Party, 1984 by Unit 3 with Venus
3 Black Gold, 1984 from Work Resumed on the Tower by News from Babel
4 Don't, 1970 from Did you Give the World Some Love Today by Doris
5 Ince Ince, 1976 from self titled by Selda
6 St James' Infirmary, 1971 from self titled by Carmen Maki and Blues Creation
7 To Love Somebody, 1967 from A Go Go by Dara Puspita
8 The End of the World, 2010 from self titled by Anika
9 Four French Cathedrals, 1971 from Electronic Music by Doris Hays and John Matthews
10 Space Mondo Topless, 2002 from Acid Eater by Christine 23 Onna
11 Sleep Well, 1969 from self titled by Claude Lombard


  1. Great job ladies, but let's hear it for the men who probably played most of the drums.
    Sorry is that racist?

    ps. this is rad.